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Delivering Learning

Brilliant teaching and training in FE and skills

A guide to effective CPD for teachers, trainers and leaders' - report and linked evidence from the IfL

Learning and Teaching from James Atherton

is 'three linked sites exploring learning and teaching in college, adult and professional education'. Excellent throughout, with sections on theory and practice, which are authoritative, informative and thought-provoking.
There is a how to teach section at

Practical strategies for learning and teaching on vocational programmes (LSDA)

This guide includes effective strategies relevant to improving the learning and teaching of vocational courses. With background information on how we learn and the structure of the brain, it goes on to explain delivery and assessment methods that focus on individual learners' needs and can easily be employed in the classroom. Download (pdf 900k)

Teaching and Learning from the Excellence Gateway

This section points you to resources and information directly related to teaching and learning, including subject-specific resources and good practice examples.