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Research - Teacher Education in Lifelong Learning (TELL)

This section of the site features items relating to research in Lifelong Learning Teacher Education, under the auspices of Teacher Education in Lifelong Learning (TELL), a network dedicated to Researching Teacher Education in Lifelong Learning Sector. TELL is a network of teacher educators in the Lifelong Learning sector from across the UK who are working in Higher Education, Further Education and other parts of the Lifelong Learning sector to promote, carry out and advance the cause of research in this under-represented area.
As of January 2018 TELL has some 268 members.

TELL Objectives
The objects of the network will be:
  1. To enhance practice in LL teacher education across the UK.
  2. To highlight and promote the achievements of LL teacher education across the UK
  3. To ensure teacher educators from all parts of the LL sector have opportunities to engage in the network
  4. To support and promote innovation and development in LL teacher education across the UK.
  5. To contribute to building research capacity in the LL teacher education community.
  6. To become a trusted and authoritative voice for the interests and aspirations of LL teacher education
  7. To connect LL teacher educators across the UK
  8. To contribute to policy development and implementation in the field of Teacher Education in the UK.
  9. To curate, collate and disseminate LL Teacher education research, history, information, events and activities across the UK.

The objectives of TELL will be met by a range of methods including:
  • A website / online resource dedicated to all LL Teacher Educators including mentors and coaches
  • Workshops, seminars, other events and activities featuring current themes and priorities for LL teacher education
  • Developing, supporting and publishing research into LL Teacher Education
  • Activities relating to the induction, ongoing support and professional development of new and experienced teacher educators
  • Liaising with other organisations for a variety of purposes including: to consult and develop current priorities; to disseminate resources; to distribute publicity for our events; to publicise their events; and also for joint projects or projects commissioned by them

Email j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk to join

Teacher Education in Lifelong Learning (TELL) research network update January 2018 (#TELLResearch or #TELLNetwork on Twitter)

This update includes the publication of our first TELL Supplement - "TELLing stories #1", updates on the TELL events calendar for 2018 (which has grown since our last update), notice of some other event and details of two forthcoming books.

As always, please pass on the update to anyone you think may be interested. It will also appear on the teachereducatorUK website (http://teachereducatoruk.wikispaces.com) and I'll put details on Twitter.

If you are interested in joining TELL just email me at j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk

TELLing Stories #1

The editorial team for our first supplement of myself, Carol Thompson and Peter Wolstencroft are really pleased with the result, and many thanks to others who have contributed to this first issue. We hope you enjoy it, and that you agree it showcases research by TELL members well. We hope it encourages us all to keep networking around research in, on and by those working with the FE sector. The 'events calendar' section will replace one of the other pages on the teachereducatorUK website over the next week or so, in order that a regularly updated list will be available online for all to access.There will be errors and omissions in the supplement, so email us if you notice any.




TELL meetings, agendas and bookings

We now have four more TELL network meetings remaining in 2018, including a new addition in Brighton in July which will make five across the year. We have never had this many in one year, and there does genuinely seem to be something of a surge in interest in research. Thanks to all who have offered to host event.The agendas which are available are excellent, and the meetings are listed below in date order with booking details.

LONDON - TELL network meeting - FREE as always
Tuesday 27th February 2018 from 11.00 am to 3.00 pm
Location: Lewisham Southwark College in partnership with Canterbury Christ Church University. SOUTHWARK CAMPUS - 25 The Cut, London, SE1 8LF

“Perspectives on the Pedagogy of Teacher Education”
Keynote – Professor Kevin Orr, University of Huddersfield
Tina Bullen, Colchester Institute: “Making the grade – trainee thoughts on lesson observation”
Jim Crawley, Bath Spa University - 'building models and connecting teachers' - key characteristics of TEd pedagogy.
Jo-Ann Delaney, Canterbury Christ Church University: “Heroes one and all – The Use of Peer Observation in Teacher Education”
Anne McKeown, UCL Institute of Education: On Becoming a Teacher – the Transition from Trainee to Teacher in FE.
Peter Wolstencroft, University of Coventry: “The Naked Lesson - Breaking the Powerpoint Dependency Cycle”

To book a place email either Jim j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk or Jo-Ann jo-ann.delaney@canterbury.ac.uk

MARJON PLYMOUTH - TELL Network Meeting - FREE as alwaysWed,
May 16, 2018, 11:00 pm – 3:00 pm
LOCATION Plymouth Marjon University, Derriford Road, Devon PL6 8BH

This is a free event for Teacher Educators, Researchers, Leaders and Practitioners in FE & Training. The event will share research findings from key research and interventions in FE & Training. Lunch will be provided to support networking opportunities.

Keynote speakers:
Dr Vicky Duckworth and Dr Rob Smith, Project Leads of UCU funded ‘Transformational Further Education‘.

Professor Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Project Lead of ETF funded ‘Collaborative Pedagogy: school strategies applied to FE’.
Jim Crawley ‘Post-compulsory teacher educators: connecting professionals'.
Peter Wolstencroft and Carol Thompson, research comparing the role of education and commercial managers.

Booking via Eventbrite on https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tell-network-meeting-free-tickets-42402437833?utm_term=eventurl_text

BOLTON - TELL Network meeting - FREE as always
Thursday 21st June 2018 11.00 am to 3.00 pm
Location: University of Bolton, Bolton

To book a place email Jim Crawley on j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk

BRIGHTON - TELL Network meeting - FREE as always
Thursday 12th JulyBrighton,
Location: Grand Hotel - agenda to be agreed

To book a place email Jim Crawley on j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk

There is also a surge in other events relating to research and FE at the moment, and two we know about are featured below, also in date order

SW Learning and Skills Research Network and City of Bristol college - #FEResearchMeet
Wednesday, 21st March 2018 5.30 pm to 7.30 pm
Location: City of Bristol College Green Center

A showcase for FE research where there will be a keynote from Jim Crawley followed by opportunities for practitioners to showcase and discuss their research.

More details and booking via eventbrite at: https://tinyurl.com/ybctqgm3

University of Derby FE Showcase 18 conference
Saturday, 21 April 2018 10.00 AM to 3.00 PM

Theme: Access to Research
Never has research been on the radar of so many of the schools and colleges across the country, each trying to understand better how they can improve and enhance the learning outcomes of their students.

The problem that many practitioners at the 'chalk face' find is that formal research isn't always written in accessible language, nor is there the time and space to engage with the research in a meaningful way.

This event aims to open up the world of research and create a space for early career researchers and inquiring practitioners to share and learn with one another.

Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity to learn more about research and how you can use it to help your students.

All information can be found on this link https://www.derby.ac.uk/newsevents/events/calendar/fe-showcase-2018.php#FEShowcase18

A quick mention of two books by TELL members which are due out in February (here's the shameless plug!!)

JimCover.jpgCrawley, J. (2018) Just Teach! in FE - A people-centered approach. London: Learning Matters
Just Teach! in FE is a straightforward, helpful, engaging and reliable read for all beginning teachers. It focuses on the needs of the teacher and the learner and outlines this people-centered approach. This focus on the principles of good teaching, and the theory behind them, frees the reader from ever-changing structures and provides truly practical strategies to use from their first lesson.

The text supports beginning teachers to Be organised; Be resourceful; Be resilient and to Just keep teaching. It is an engaging exploration of real teaching in FE and of the pressures and challenges that FE teachers face.

The review of the book on the publisher's website says
'It is so refreshing to read a book which champions the professional judgement of teachers and advocates the core values of education. Understanding the people – students and colleagues – must always be fundamental to successful teaching. Teachers, at whatever level, must have eyes, ears and minds that are open and they must not be constrained by the delivery of a prescribed curriculum, or solely focused on achieving targets designed by faceless civil servants remote from the students and teachers who matter. Your book offers hope and inspiration, so desperately needed in our schools and colleges.'

more at https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/just-teach-in-fe/book256818#description

CarolandPeter_cover.jpgThompson, C. and Wolstencroft, P. (2018) The Trainee Teacher's Handbook. A companion for initial teacher training. London: Learning Matters.
This book helps trainees to build skills and focus on developing their professional practice through understanding, reflection and experimentation. It's practical structure and learning features help readers to recognise their own learning needs and set their own targets. The book takes the Teachers' Standards as a base and covers:

  • planning
  • creating teaching resources
  • inclusive practice
  • assessment and progress
  • classroom management
  • pastoral care

more at https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/the-trainee-teachers-handbook/book25737

Updates - Selected TELL meetings / updates

TELL (Teacher Education in Lifelong Learning) NETWORK UPDATE 31st October 2017
Hello to everyone. I'm delighted to say that TELL seems to be benefitting from an upsurge in interest about research and networking in the FE and Skills sector. Our membership has now grown to over 260, and this update features the almost complete calendar for TELL events for 2017/18, an update on our first TELL supplement with a call for contributions for that supplement, news about forthcoming publications by TELL members, and information on another of the ETF subsidised training programmes for teacher educators, this time in Sheffield.
As always please forward the update to anyone you feel may be interested.


Have you tried to get tickets for the 'Power and Professionalism' event in Huddersfield and been disappointed? Worry not, for we have our first TELL meeting of the year just one week later in Sheffield!
Dave Darwent from Sheffield Hallam University and myself are putting together the agenda for the TELL network meeting which will be at SHU’s Collegiate Crescent Campus on Monday December 4th between 11.00 and 3.00.
We are currently looking for contributors to offer short presentations or workshops or to facilitate debates or discussions, and you can book online on-line at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tell-network-meeting-december-2017-tickets-39181141850. Places are limited so do book in early.
If you would like to contribute please e-mail Jim at j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk or Dave (at d.darwent@shu.ac.uk) - or both of us.
Please DO share this e-mail with your networks.

'TELLing Stories' #1 - our first TELL Supplement - editors Peter Wolstencroft, Carol Thompson and Jim Crawley

CONTRIBUTIONS NEEDEDWe are successfully gathering information about publications by TELL members using online tools including Scopus and Refworks, and that will give us a good list of items to feature which have been published through academic channels.
'Grey research' i.e. research undertaken and published outside of normal academic peer-reviewed channels is more difficult to gather, so we will largely be relying on what you notify us about.What is needed is:Details of projects, reports and resources you have been involved in during 2016 and 2017, and links to where they can be found if possible.
EVENTS CALENDARWe are working on an events calendar for 2018 to help everyone plan their diaries around important activities. If you have any events you would like to share with TELL members or know of any 'not to be missed' things you think members would value, then please let us know and we will include these in the first TELL supplement.
RESEARCH MENTORINGTELL provides an opportunity to share research, discuss ideas and benefit from an open exchange of information. The membership list includes people with a wealth of research experience and others who may be taking their first steps into research or publication. As a community, this puts us in a unique position to encourage new researchers and ultimately extend the body of knowledge available to everyone and we wondered if it might be an opportunity to provide more structured support through a voluntary mentoring programme.
The term ‘mentoring’ is offered in the widest sense and the expectation would be that interested parties would negotiate the scope of the mentoring relationship based on individual preferences and needs. We also hope that this would be a democratic process whereby ‘mentors’ and ‘mentees’ (or whatever alternative terms we choose to adopt), gain equally from the relationship.
At this point, no formal structure has been proposed, we are simply offering this as an idea to gauge the level of interest from the network. If you feel this is something you would like to be involved with or something which you would find useful, please get in touch with Carol Thompson at carol.thompson@beds.ac.uk


We now have three meetings definitely in the calendar for 2017/18 with one other almost in place.Those confirmed in addition to the December Sheffield meeting are:
Marjon University, Plymouth - Wednesday 16th May 2018
University of Bolton, Bolton - Thursday 21st June 2018
Agendas will be agreed nearer the dates for these but as always, they are FREE of charge, run from 11.00 to 15.00, and combine networking and discussion with showcasing members' research. All with an interest in research in the FE and skills sector are welcome.You can book places now if you're ready to, by emailing Jim at j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk


Are you a teacher educator, mentor or subject learning coach involved in the development of new teachers?
Do you work in a sixth form college, further education college, offender learning setting, private training provider or other lifelong learning setting?
If so, an exciting opportunity to work on shaping the future of Initial Teacher Education in FE and lifelong learning is available!
The Sheffield Institute of Education at Sheffield Hallam University, in partnership with a large FE college, are running a continuing professional development (CPD) programme for FE and lifelong learning teacher educators.
A four-day programme is being held in Sheffield. It costs £325.
The dates are 11th November, 25th November, 9th December 2017 and 13th January 2018.
BookingSign up via the ETF booking system: https://booking.etfoundation.co.uk/course/details/239
If you have any questions please contact: Sarah Boodt - s.boodt@shu.ac.ukor Judith Higginson - j.higginson@shu.ac.uk
Flyer below


Gravells, Anne (2017) Principles and Practices of Teaching and Training. Exeter: Learning MattersThis is a core text which is relevant for anyone wanting to be (or working as) a teacher or trainer in the further education and skills sector, in the UK or internationally.It has all the information you need to work towards any of the following:- a qualification such as the Award, Certificate or Diploma in Education and Training (or Cert ed/PGCE/TQFE).- a Learning and Development qualification- a Train the Trainer course- an international vocational teaching qualification (such as the IVQ in Teaching, Training and Assessing Learning)- a Teaching, or Learning and Development apprenticeship programme.The book is suitable if you are working towards any teaching/training programme offered by any awarding organisation in any country.
Ovenden-Hope, Tanya and Blandford, Sonia (due 2018) Understanding Applied Learning. Developing effective practice to support all learners. Abingdon: Routledge.Understanding Applied Learning enables teachers, lecturers and educators to facilitate applied learning effectively with learners in schools, colleges and universities. It introduces teachers to the concept of applied learning in practice, cutting across any vocational and academic divide to show how this approach supports high-quality and effective outcomes for learners. Applied learning prepares and equips learners for life in the twenty-first century and lifelong learning. Offering practical guidance on why and how to adopt applied learning in all post-primary settings, this practical resource introduces and explores the core concepts, practices and benefits of using this approach. Illustrated with real-life scenarios, it examines why applied learning is relevant today, how it enables learners to connect knowledge with new situations, how to navigate and solve intellectual and skills-based problems and how to work collaboratively and develop higher-level thinking skills.  


As always, TELL welcomes new members. To join couldn't be easier .. just email me at j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk

TELL network update 13th September 2016

Hi to all TELL members and welcome to the first update of 2017/18. I hope the year has started well for all.As always please circulate this update to anyone else you feel may be interested.

As is usually the case at this time of year, the update asks for members / organisations who may wish to host a network meeting this year to come forward (see more below). There is also a reminder to contribute your idea for a TELL logo, and a request for contributions to a supplement I'm working on of recent TELL members' publications.

TELL MEETINGS 2017/18Already this year, there is the 'Power and Professionalism' conference taking place in Huddersfield on November 25th, and I believe a good number of TELL members will be there (TELL is a conference supporter for this event). It would be possible to hold a December network meeting if you are confident there would be enough support for that. There is already provisionally a Spring network meeting for London, and negotiations are underway for a post Easter combined meeting with other networks, which is great. That probably leaves one other post Easter space for a network meeting, so volunteers for that date are welcome.

To host a meeting you need to:- Be prepared to provide a venue with refreshments and lunch which can hold up to about 30 from 10.30-3.30 for free.- Take a lead in putting together the agenda (we try to showcase and promote research with relevance to LL Teacher Education ... there is little that wouldn't be!)- Take a lead in promoting the meeting across your own contacts and networks to get a good turnout on the day.I usually get to most meetings, and am happy to chair or not depending on what you wish.

TELL MEMBERS PUBLICATION SUPPLEMENTI'm intending to put together a supplement containing details of recent / forthcoming publications / resources produced / projects undertaken by TELL members during 2016/17, and it could possibly be the first in a series. This will emtirely depend on what you send me, but what I need are:- Volunteers to produce / edit the supplement - any assistance welcome- Details of books / articles / resources / projects undertakenI'm not trying to be Researchgate here, but it would be nice to have something like this to remind us (and others) that there is a lot of research / publication going on in the LL sector.


TELL is a conference supporter at the The Principal: Power & Professionalism in FE (Companion volume to Dancing Pricesses) book launch & linked conference on Saturday 25th November.

A number of TELL members are authors of chapters in this important book, which is now out, and is available from:https://www.ucl-ioe-press.com/books/higher-education-and-lifelong-learning/the-principal/

We have been asked for a TELL logo for the conference - please draw, create or otherwise conceive a TELL logo, and send it in asap - only two entries so far (both from the same person!)

Please get those logos in!!!

NEW MEMBERSAs always, TELL welcomes new members. To join couldn't be easier .. just email me at j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk


Jim Crawley
TELL LONDON REPORT (15/6/17) - From Rebecca Eliahoo
Dear colleagues
A very big thank you to all the presenters and participants at the TELL 2017 conference at the University of Westminster. This was a great opportunity to network, collaborate and learn from each other - as well as showing that research into teacher education in the post-compulsory sector is growing apace.
Interesting tweets can be found on Storify at: https://storify.com/RebeccaEliahoo/tell-2017-university-of-westminster https://storify.com/RebeccaEliahoo/tell-2017-university-of-westminster
Other things mentioned on the day were.

Teacher Development 3.0: How we can transform the professional education of teachers, Prof. Viv EllisTeacher Education Exchange is a group of teachers, school leaders, teacher educators and researchers who want to promote the development of teaching as a profession in the best interests of children, young people and society as a whole. They are particularly interested in how universities can support a profession-led model of teacher development and they reject the terms of the polarised debates that are currently dominant: with regard to initial teacher education, ‘reform’ and ‘defend’ positions have become so entrenched that sustainable change for the good is ever more difficult to achieve. Their pamphlet promotes 4 design principles that they consider essential to transform the professional education of teachers, both at the beginning and throughout their careers:•A long-life teaching profession;•Schools, universities and teachers at the heart of their communities;•Education as cultural and societal development as well as individual advantage;•A continuum of professional learning.
Original Teacher Development 3 article and PowerPoint from the day below

The measured approach to lesson observations, Dr Jo-Ann DelaneyLesson observations are a key element of teacher education programmes for the FE sector. Much has been discussed about how these work best to contribute to the development of teachers, including a negative perception of the use of a grade. The research presented considers the lesson observation from the trainees’ perspective and their views on how observations can impact most positively on their practice. It questions the argument that graded observations have a negative impact and underlines key elements of effective practice as perceived by trainees.
Jo-Ann Delaney’s presentation can be found at: tinyurl.com/TELLjdlo
Trainee HE lecturers’ perspectives on observations by mentors and academic developers, Martin ComptonThis study drew on an online survey and 12 in depth interviews of PGCert HE completers, looking at their perspectives of the role and purpose of these observations and their perceived impact on teaching practice. They compared experiences of observation processes and feedback from mentors and from external educational developers. Specifically, the research sought to determine how well the observations helped effect positive change in practice and develop teacher ‘self-efficacy’. In line with most teacher education programmes across the compulsory and post compulsory sectors, these observations have twin functions: assessment and teacher development.Whilst the observations were deemed valuable, there was a distinct lack in clarity of purpose amongst the lecturers being observed and an apparent lack of clarity amongst some observers, particularly mentors, which could lead to ‘individualised ontologies’ and a diminishing of potential impact. The ways in which observation feedback might be framed and best exploited to effect change was not consistently applied. Importantly, where transmissive modes of feedback were adopted, change could be limited without opportunities for dialogue, often because of assumptions about the purpose of the observations and the perceived status of the observer and observee.
PowerPoint from the day is below
The current state of research in Post-Compulsory teacher education and sector and national/regional news, Dr Jim CrawleyOver the last five to ten years a growing number of people working as Post Compulsory Education Teacher Educators have undertaken advanced degree study, with at least ten completing Doctorates in PCE TEd specific or related themes. The first ever book written by PCE TEds about PCE teacher education has also now been published in 2016, and this session will outline some of the research which went into that book. Is it then the case there is a growth in research by PCE TEds, and is this leading to a greater understanding and growth in professional confidence by this often ignored, under-researched group? We will take a look at the evidence and discuss the views from participants in search of the answer.
PowerPoint from the day is below

Meaningful observation: authentic learning, Louise TaylorObservation of teaching and learning within Further and Higher Education and on teacher education programmes has long been a contested and hotly debated topic. The research presented will draw on a variety of research and development projects Louise has worked on which feature in her chapter in Reclaiming Observation: Supporting Excellence in Teacher Learning: O’Leary, M. (ed.), (2017). London, Routledge. She will also refer to current research she is undertaking exploring the implementation of new teacher learning approach as part of a joint venture with UCU Wales, The Welsh government and Merthyr Tydfil College. She will be sharing aspects of the journey of different colleges and their staff in adopting observation policies which locate observation within a developmental rather than evaluative framework and will highlight some of the features, strengths, struggles and lessons learnt in seeking to use observation as an opportunity for authentic teacher learning.PowerPoint from the day is below

Teacher Education in prisons, Peter LyonOffender learning is probably one of the most difficult educational sectors to work in, posing numerous problems at many different levels. Peter Lyon worked as a Teaching & Learning Coach in two establishments: one for young offenders and the other, an adult women's prison. In many ways, it's like stepping back in time in terms of education, but there are clear reasons for trying to ensure that students in these establishments get the opportunity to attend good quality courses offering a variety of relevant and useful qualifications. This talk offers an insight into the day to day issues that teachers have to deal with, but also the reasons why many of them choose to stay working in this challenging and demanding environment.
PowerPoint from the day is awaited
Everyone at the London TELL conference stronly supported the value of TELL as a grassroots network for post-compulsory research on teacher education. If you would like to join the network just email Jim at j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk.

Can Bronwen Maxwell, Liz Atkins and Sai Loo remind me if they have sent publication details which I have not yet inluded at http://teachereducatoruk.wikispaces.com/research+-+big+bibliography

Matt O'Leary - Here’s a forthcoming short book that might be of interest to colleagues:Teaching Excellence in Higher Education: Challenges, Changes and the Teaching Excellence Frameworkhttps://www.amazon.co.uk/Teaching-Excellence-Higher-Education-Challenges/dp/1787147622

TELL - Newcastle meeting - Northumbria University

Content from the Northumbria University meeting, 9th May 2017 (presentations etc. below)

UKEdchat - Aysha Haq updated the meeting on UKEdchat which can be found online at https://ukedchat.com/ and on twitter as @ukedchat
After the meeting we received this invitation from Aysha:

I just wanted to formally extend an invitation to anyone who might be interested in working with @UKEdChat and myself to build partnerships, write for our magazine, contribute on our blog or participate on our podcast and weekly twitter chats.
Feel free to connect with me on twitter : www.twitter.com/a_haq
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/ayshahaqq

Telephone Number: 0330 330 4673 - Ext 3

Rachel Terry and Kate Lavender (Calderdale College). Supporting former PCET trainees after their initial teacher education
Rachel and Kate disseminated the findings of an Education and Training Consortium funded research project into the support new teachers need in their first year after completing their initial teacher education. They will discuss how the diversity of the education and training sector is reflected in the support needs of former PCET trainees and the impact those needs have on their identity and practice as teachers.

Catherine McPartland - The role of the Certificate in Education/PgCE in supporting trainee teachers’ identity formation

Jim Crawley (Bath Spa University) Post Compulsory Teacher Educators - Connecting Professionals - Key themes from the new book written by TELL members and Is research in PCE TEd growing?

Liz Atkins (Northumbria University) New International Research Project (Planned) How/can we use Threshold Concepts in ITE for Lifelong Learning? The group discussed the research ideas involved and there was a strong interest in the idea.

Alison Iredale (Leeds Beckett University) New Research Project: History of PCET ITE curriculum
Alison shared an idea for a new research project on the history of the PCE ITE curriculum which could involve searching organised and personal archives of PCE TEd curriculum documents. It would be helpful if anyone who already has / is aware of such archives which are already in existence could get in touch.

David Powell (Huddersfield University) Learning to teach, modelling and the "sayings, doings and relatings" of further education (FE) based teacher educators and their in-service trainees.
This contribution drew on the main findings of a recently completed second-person action research project and doctoral thesis on FE-based teachers' use of modelling within a university-validated in-service initial teacher education. The presentation included an interesting discussion and David shared some of the results, and the observation Viewing Frame which he created as part of the research.



Marylebone Campus, 35 Marylebone Road, London NW1 5LS
Room M207, 2nd floor of Marylebone Building


10.30 Registration and Refreshments
10.50 Welcome
11.00 Dr Viv Ellis, Simon Gibbons & Meg Maguire, Kings College London; Ali Messer, Roehampton, Keith Turvey, Brighton, Ruth Heilbronn, UCL IOE Teacher Development 3.0: How we can transform the professional education of teachers.
11.45 Dr Jo-Ann Delaney, Canterbury Christchurch University. The measured approach to lesson observations.
12.15 Martin Compton, University of Greenwich.Trainee HE lecturers’ perspectives on observations by mentors and academic developers
12.45 Lunch
13.15 Dr Jim Crawley The current state of research in Post-Compulsory teacher education and sector and national/regional news.
13.45 Dr Eve Rapley, University of Hertfordshire. HE in FE pedagogy in a land based FE college
14.15 Louise Taylor, independent consultant. Meaningful observation: authentic learning
14.45 Peter Lyon, teacher educator in secure environments. Teacher education in prisons
15.15 End

Places are limited, so please book by emailing WBSFacultySupport@westminster.ac.uk

Download agenda and abstracts here


Sheffield TELL network meeting - thanks to Sheffield Hallam University's Institute of Education (in particular Dave Darwent) for hosting
In our local / national news section we discussed the effects of the growth of trainees who were undertaking a PCET ITE programme but intending to teach in a school, and the need to recruit and train many more teachers of Maths, English and IT. Providing the best quality support during their training, and at the start of their career, and working more closely with college management to establish and maintain that support was felt to be essential. It was also agreed that developing that support was not getting any easier in our current environment. It was felt this could potentially be the theme for a future TELL research project.

The research showcase featured:

Jim Crawley (Bath Spa University) Post Compulsory Teacher Educators - Connecting Professionals
Key themes from the new book written by TELL members
PowerPoint below and discount flyer above


Denise Robinson (and friends) New book on behaviour discussion. Possible title – ‘Beyond Control? Classroom Behaviour Management in the contemporary post-14 sector'.
PowerPoint below
PptBookProposalBeyond ControlTELL13.12.16.pptx
PptBookProposalBeyond ControlTELL13.12.16.pptx

PptBookProposalBeyond ControlTELL13.12.16.pptx

Bronwen Maxwell (Sheffield Hallam University) ‘Re-examining the ‘architecture’ for teacher mentoring in the further education and skills sector in England’
This presentation drew on the findings of a national mixed methods study of mentoring in the FE and Skills sector to explore empirically whether the principles of an architecture for mentoring proposed by Cunningham (2007) support successful mentoring and if so, whether they are sufficient to ensure high quality mentoring. It also explored the extent to which a supportive organisational architecture for mentoring is currently in place within the sector, and any other barriers to successful mentoring.
PowerPoint below
BERA presentation 11th Sept 2016.pptx
BERA presentation 11th Sept 2016.pptx

BERA presentation 11th Sept 2016.pptx

Sarah Younie (De Montfort University) and Christina Preston (founder of MirandaNet) - EU lifelong learning Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) project.
PowerPoint below
131216 v3 presentation.ppt
131216 v3 presentation.ppt

131216 v3 presentation.ppt

If TELL members wish to join Mirandanet, please browse the website at http://mirandanet.ac.uk/
and then look at http://mirandanet.ac.uk/joining-the-fellowship/

TELL Conference 14th April 2015 - University of Westminster
Thanks very much to Rebecca Eliahoo for organising our first all research conference.
The sessions was very well attended (around 40 were there), with many teacher education providers, partners and experts there.
The materials for the session, including embedded versions of presentations with the speaker's voice added as a soundtrack are below
Dr Jim Crawley, Bath Spa University

To view the presentation with sound,
click here Panopto_new_logo_small.png
How can a deeper understanding of the professional situation of LLS teacher educators enhance their future support, professional development and working context?
The presentation PowerPoint is below

Dr Ann Lahiff, UCL-Institute of Education
Conducting developmental teaching observations: some lessons for FE teacher educators from research
Sabrina Poma, Canterbury Christchurch University

To view the presentation with sound,
click here Panopto_new_logo_small.png
The pivotal role of Universities acting as ‘buffer zones’ within FE initial professional formation
Sai Loo, UCL-Institute of Education; Dr John Bostock, Edge Hill University and Nikki Sowe, Consultant
Further Education Teacher Educators Project (FETEP): the journeys, visions and values of being a teacher educator and the various pathways to becoming a teacher educator.

The presentation PowerPoint is below

Jo-Ann Delaney, Canterbury Christchurch University
The implications for FE generic teacher educators of the existing standards and training programme for ESOL teacher educators through the University of Cambridge Teaching Awards
Dr Rebecca Eliahoo, University of Westminster
Professional standards and a professional profile for English teacher educators in FE
TELL network meeting 20th February 2015 Gloucester College - Cheltenham
Thanks very much to Angela Hughes and Gloucester College for hosting the day. Network members from Oxford Brookes; Portsmouth University; UWE and Gloucester College were in attendance. We had a really good meeting with a general discussion about our current activities and priorities with ITE including OfSTED; classroom observation; running 'new' 2014/15 programmes and news about Education and Training Apprentriceship 'Trailblazers'.
Mini presentations on David Holloway's research in Vietnam, and Jim Crawley's on LLS teacher educators were included, and the materials are below:
David Holloway

Paper - (the first full paper given at a TELL meeting)
Holloway, D. and Nguyen, M. (2015) Teaching students who are naturally gifted in the natural sciences to study literature. A practitioner research project. Paper at TELL meeting (Cheltenham - February 2015)

Jim Crawley

TELL network meeting 29th January 2015 University of Hull
Thanks very much to Carol Azumah Denis and the University of Hull for hosting the day. We had a really good meeting with the theme for the day of mentoring. Network members from Hull, Grimsby Institute, Rotherham College, Bath Spa University, University of Greenwich and Bishop Grossteste University were present in person or via the magic of facetime despite the wintery conditions. In addition to research showcases about mentoring, the meeting discussed research on teacher educators, leadership and careers in further education.

The PowerPoints from the day (the first has some useful weblinks in) have been kindly shared and are below:

August 2013

TELL Review of the year to August 2013

The year for TELL in brief

We had ... five meetings or joint meetings events across the year with 19 present at Reading College in October 2012, a missed date in Huddersfield due to snow (!), Kingston College in March 2013 with 15 present, Plymouth University in May 2013 with 18 present, Huddersfield in June with 90 present and the Institute of Education in London in July 2013, with 13 present, making an amazing total of 165 attendances at TELL and joint events during 2012/13, which suggests people do want to network around research!

We now have nearly 220 members.

The Teacher Educator UK website (http://teachereducatoruk.wikispaces.com/) is attracting more visitors, and as of July 2013, has had 13,000 unique visitors since January 2013, and 22,793 since it started in 2009 (when it received 39 visitors!).

Meeting notes and materials

October 2012 - Reading College

Meeting notes - PDF

Meeting update PowerPoint

March 2013 - Kingston College

Meeting Notes - PDF

Meeting Update PowerPoint

Carol Thompson and Peter Wolstencroft Research Presentation - PDF

BERA SIG / TELL Proposal - pdf

Sharing Innovation in Teacher Education (SITE) Project final report - PDF

Professionalism Presentation

May 2013 - Plymouth University

Meeting notes - PDF

Meeting update Powerpoint

Denise Summers Education for Sustainable Development presentation

Mary Turner Well Being presentation

BERA / TELL event publicity

SFA Funding Update - PDF

FE Guild summary implementation plan - pdf

CAVTL Results summary

June 2013 - Consortium for PCET Annual Conference 2013 - in association with Teacher Education in Lifelong Learning (TELL) network

"Policy directions in Teacher Education and Professional Development: implications for FE and Skills practitioners after de-regulation" - Friday, 28th June 2013 at University of Huddersfield

This joint event attracted around ninety participants. The day contained a series of workshops, and TELL was well represented with Huddersfield colleagues Denise Robinson chairing, and Kevin Orr contributing to a number of sessions, Jim Crawley (Bath Spa University) giving the keynote speech, Azumah Dennis (University of Hull), Katrina Diamond (Gloscoll) and Peter Wolstencroft and Carol Thompson (University of Bedfordshire) all running succesful workshops. Other TELL members were in the audience, and the conference report and documents are available from:

July 2013 - BERA Post Compulsory and Lifelong Learning Special Interest Group (SIG) / TELL event 12 th July 2013

This joint event was held at the Institute of Education, University of London on Friday, 12th July 2013, and attracted eighteen participants. The BERA-funded event included other participants from TELL and LSRN networks. It provided opportunities for those interested in this area of research to: network with others in this area, reflect on the possible areas of research with inputs from Professors Jean Murray and Karen Evans, and with contribution on current research from participants at the session. We explored specific areas for further research, and the results of this event will be available soon on the TELL section of this website. Further information on possible collaborative research will be distributed via the TELL mailing list and this website in July and again in early September. In the meantime Sai Loo at the institue has an idea for research which he would like to discuss with others, so please contact Sai at s.loo@ioe.ac.uk
Jean Murray Presentation

Sai Loo Presentation

Circulated December 2012

BERA Symposium

Dear colleague,
Proposed Symposium for BERA 2013 (PC&LL SIG)
We are sending this email to individuals and groups of researchers that we know have worked on teacher education in further education (FE). We are proposing to submit a symposium to BERA conference 2013 to respond to recent policy and to other changes in FE teacher education. We are inviting you to express an interest in writing a paper for this symposium, which will be submitted within the Post-Compulsory and Lifelong Learning SIG. Full details of the BERA conference are at http://beraconference.co.uk/ .

Our suggested overview is below.

FE Teacher Education in Changing Times

This symposium explores the impact on FE teacher training of Coalition Policy, following the findings and recommendations of the Wolf Review of Vocational Education (2011) and, more recently, the final report of the Independent Review Panel on Professionalism in Further Education (Lingfield report, 2012). The symposium seeks to respond to key questions and issues arising from Coalition Policy, such as: What are the implications of policy for professionalism in the field? What are the consequences for teacher education in the sector? What is happening to HE/FE relationships and partnerships? Is Coalition policy just more of the same?

This is only a guide and we will gratefully consider ideas that respond to policy in other ways. If you are interested, please send us a few sentences to describe the paper you would like to contribute. We would need to receive this brief description by 17 December. We will then look at the descriptions to form a coherent symposium proposal. We will let those selected know by 21 December and we would then need an abstract of 400 words by Friday 11 January for the submission to BERA for refereeing.

We very much hope that you will want to be part of this symposium. Please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you want to discuss an idea.

Best wishes,
Liz Atkins (l.atkins@hud.ac.uk)
Kevin Orr (k.orr@hud.ac.uk)

Post Compulsory and Lifelong Learning Special Interest Group (SIG)

We are keen to encourage contributions to the Post Compulsory and Lifelong Learning Special Interest Group (SIG) at the BERA conference 2013 at the University of Sussex in September so we are sending out an early notification that the deadline for abstracts for individual papers and for SIG symposium papers is 18th January. So you still have time to develop an abstract. More details on the content of abstracts and the reviewing system are available at http://beraconference.co.uk/ . Papers on any aspect of post compulsory education and training and lifelong learning are welcome.

Just a reminder, too, that the SIG has a small amount of money available for BERA members to help fund an event relevant to the SIG’s area of research. We can offer a total of £500 and it quite easy to apply for. Please send brief details of what you would like to do to Bronwen and me. We will convene a panel as necessary to decide where the money should go. It would also be possible to make a bid for a larger event next year and carry the £500 over to make a total of £1000 available. If you are a member of BERA, we urge you to apply. If you want a chat about this, please get in touch.

Bronwen Maxwell (B.Maxwell@shu.ac.uk<mailto:B.Maxwell@shu.ac.uk>) and Kevin Orr (k.orr@hud.ac.uk<mailto:k.orr@hud.ac.uk> ) BERA Post Compulsory and Lifelong Learning SIG co-convenors

Circulated December 2012


Call for papers for DPR13
The focus this year is on Youth, and Liz Atkins is convening a symposium (second link below) Voices from the margins: discourses of inclusion and exclusion. Liz welcomes abstracts from more people, and although the conference is not Teacher Training, the abstracts so far are located in FE, and TELL members may also have an interest in this area
Details can be found at the links below:http://dprconference.com/conference/dpr-13/call-for-papers

New 30th November 2012

The Sharing Innovation in Teacher Education (SITE) Project resources are now available on this website for viewing, use and free downloads. This LSIS funded project collected small innovations in the form of activities for use in ITE programmes, made them avaiable for others to use and evaluate, and this worked very successfully. The materials are now available for all to freely use on a new section of this website. You can find them at SITE Project, by clicking the link or from the menu on the left hand side of the screen.

New 24th October 2012

Request for contributions to international research project

Dear Colleague,

We are working with colleagues from a number of other European countries (Bulgaria, Slovakia, Portugal, France & Turkey) to compare & contrast teachers experiences of CPD as part of a Leonardo funded project. The PaCTT project aims to develop a collaborative framework that works to support the processes & practices that teachers most value. There are two strands to our work, case study interviews in each country & an e-survey & we would really welcome your participation in the latter. The survey is completely anonymous and does not ask for any personal information, the questions are specifically about your initial teacher education, your teaching experience & your thoughts about the CPD you have undertaken recently and project activity has been scrutinised and approved by the Education & Social Science research ethics committee at BCU. The survey should take around 10 minutes to complete.


We hope you will feel able to support this work and thank you in advance for your time. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the addresses below for further information about the project.

Best wishes

Professor Alex Kendall, Alex.kendall@bcu.ac.uk

Phil Taylor, Phil.taylor@bcu.ac.uk

School of Education, Birmingham City University

To join TELL contact Jim Crawley at j.crawley@bathspa.ac.uk

Steering group
TELL has a steering group, and there have been two meetings. The minutes are below:
TELL Steering Group Minutes 141211.docx
Steering Group Minutes 260112.docx